plain city -rollover2

photo courtesy of the Plain City Fire Department

PLAIN CITY, Utah — The Plain City Fire Department is commending bystanders who stopped this morning and pulled a woman out of her vehicle after it had overturned.

According to the department, the woman's vehicle had overturned and caught on fire. The fire quickly spread to the surrounding trees and bushes.

"The patient was trapped inside the vehicle and received a large burn injury in addition to the trauma from the rollover, but bystanders stopped and pulled her out of the vehicle saving her life," stated the department. "We are so grateful to them for risking their own safety for a stranger."

The woman was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

With the help of Weber Fire District and Ogden Fire Department the fire was extinguished.

"If anyone knows who the bystanders were that helped save this patients life please let me know I would very much like to talk to them, stated the Plain City Fire Department. Thank you!"